Sports Communication Research Centre – SportComLab

SPORTCOMLAB is a Research Centre that carries out studies, research, training and documentation activities on sports communication in order to monitor and promote best practices and innovative ways to tell the story of sport and physical activity in order to help create and spread the culture of communication of motor practices.
Since 2008 the centre has been developing research in the field of sports communication and the social culture of the movement for population health and well-being. The most frequent research subjects are the socio-cultural aspects of "mediated" sport; starting out from the communication of the MEs - Mega sports events such as Olympics, Paralympics, Football Championships (European and World), whether conveyed by mass or new media. A particular focus is placed on the choices made by television audiences and their purchasing and consumption behaviours prompted by advertising included in the MEs that often turn into unhealthy practices between young people and adults (an example is the growing consumption of junk food during sport events).

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