Gender and Education Research Centre – CSGE

The CSGE has been based at the Department since 2009 and focuses on interdisciplinary research on gender and education from a gender studies point of view.

The Centre promotes the integration of different approaches such as pedagogical, sociological, psychological, anthropological, historical and philosophical studies, relating in particular to: gender education; overcoming stereotypes, inequalities and sexist discrimination; education against gender-based violence; social and media representations of gender differences; the social construction of femininity and masculinity; gender issues in educational and training contexts (e.g. educational segregation, school feminisation, etc.); gender and bodily practices; the relationship between gender and migration; gender and disability; and more.

In the same fields, the Centre offers training activities for students *, doctoral students *, teachers and professionals who deal with training processes, as well as communication activities aimed at promoting greater awareness of the link between gender and education.

The Centre is composed of 31 professors and researchers * from different UNIBO departments: Education Studies; Psychology; Interpretation and Translation; Philosophy and Communication, and works in the Bologna, Rimini and Cesena areas in particular.

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Scientific director: Prof.ssa Elena Luppi